5 Winning Strategies To Use For Romancing Your Granny Girlfriend

Date Grannies

There are many things to consider when you attempt to romance your granny girlfriend. There are dos and don’ts that abound when it comes to being the romantic dynamo that she desires. Here, you will see the top five strategies that you must use if you are hoping to be successful with your granny.

1.You need to talk her talk: One of the biggest problems that people face when attempting to woo an older woman is that they barely speak the same language. Your everyday experiences will be much different than hers, so you have to be able to hold a decent conversation. Shy away from using slang, and just let your ideas flow out as naturally as possible. Try to pick up some of her speaking habits along the way, it will help you figure out what she likes to hear.

2. Don’t play around with her: Remember all of those awkward rules that you tried to learn in high school and college? Get rid of them because they will not apply to your romantic granny. Forget all prior dating protocols and just act natural.

3. Remember to act your age: Always keep in mind that your girlfriend could have gone for a man closer to her age, but chose to go for you. This means that she desires something about your age, whether it is vitality, experience, or even inexperience. Try not to act more sophisticated because you feel as though it will make her like you more. It will not, trust me. She wants your relative immaturity because it will keep her feeling lively.

4. Keep it cool: Remember that no matter what, you should never let down the coolness factor that attracted her to you in the first place. Keep smiling, and keep up the good charm and she will fall for you in no time.

5. Never, ever, mention the age gap: If you every feel compelled to tell your granny girlfriend that you are glad that you two are together despite your age, smack yourself and compliment her hair instead. She is well aware of the differences in age, and bringing attention to that will only ruin your chances to be a romantic partner. In fact, avoid asking her age at all, if she wants you to know, she will tell you. If you remember these five simple rules for romancing a granny girlfriend, you will avoid most of the problems while making yourself appear to be just what she was looking for all along.