What Is Granny Dating And Should You Try It?

Mature Women Dating
Mature Women Dating

Unless you’ve largely been living under a rock, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the term “granny dating”. It sounds strange, like there might be a hidden meaning to the term. There isn’t. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Granny dating refers to dating a woman old enough to be your grandmother. Of course, sometimes “dating” is a generic term. It can refer to hook-ups, not a typical relationship. That part of the term depends on who might be using it. The one thing that doesn’t change is the granny part.

Admit it, you’re curious now.

Before you start thinking “that’s gross” or “that’s wrong” or “why would anyone do that”, get ready to listen. Now, the misconceptions about young men dating older women have always been an issue. That doesn’t mean you should push the idea under the rug.

If it’s something that caught your interest, you might want to bring your thoughts to life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to try it out for yourself. There’s nothing gross about it. Those who believe those misconceptions are just misinformed. They believed older women prey on young men to fulfill their own sexual needs.

Then they destroy those young men, ill-preparing them for the future. Some parents worry when their young son decides to date older women that these women will become clingy and too needy.

Unfortunately, this stigma is propelled in the media, where there is often a negative focus on the pairing. The American Pie movies probably got it the closest to right, with Stifler’s Mom. A hot, older woman, who captivates a young man, into exploring his own sexual desires. That’s bang on. That’s exactly what granny dating will do.

These older women are confident, sure of themselves. They know what they want and how to get it. They are willing to show you what it takes to please a woman. These instructions, (as long as you are willing to listen and learn), will help you to satisfy the woman who will one day be your wife.

These hot grannies aren’t clingy, either. They are looking for a good time and nothing more. They want someone to spend a little bit of time with, sure. But not too much! They know the value of time and don’t feel like wasting anymore.

Scientifically, granny dating just makes sense. Men between 20 and 30 are in a sexual prime. They can’t get enough and want to try everything at least once. Unfortunately, women reach this prime after their 40’s, often into their 60’s. This means men and women reach their primes at very different times.

A young woman can’t keep up with the sex drive of her same-age partner. An older man can’t keep up with the needs of his same-age lover. This is why granny dating has been growing in popularity.

It just makes sense to go where your body leads you.

Life is about having a good time. Granny dating can be your entrance to a whole new world, as long as you’re willing to walk through that door. It might not be for you.

You won’t know until you try, though. So, what does it hurt? Get out there and start meeting grannies today. Who know what tomorrow might have in store!