The Idiot’s Guide To Grannies And Dating Explained

Granny Date

Granny dating is a challenging task yet very adventurous. Most young guys have turned to dating cougars, either because they need to supplement their income or just for sexual adventure. However, not all prospective guys become successful in their bids. This is generally attributed to the lack of knowledge on how to seduce older women. Nonetheless, there are countless guys interested in dating cougars. If you are interested in getting yourself one sugar mummy, be sure to learn the rules of the game, play by them and you’ll be successful. Better still, if you tried before but failed, just acquaint yourself with the secrets as discussed below and you’ll get the very granny that rejected your request.

Confidence is the master rule. Grannies, unlike young ladies that want material enticements, just want a guy brave enough to spell out what he needs. Do not beat about the bush. Your confidence reveals your manhood, they believe. A confident guy can freely hang out with a granny, watch a movie together at a local cinema or go for a romantic cook out without feeling shy. As it is with all women, no granny would love to discover that the young guy she dates is ashamed of her. Just act freely whenever you meet her, ask for more meetings and outings and you are sure to win her confidence. When making your request, do it like a man not a shy boy.

Count on your masculine traits. All grannies love men with the vitality that is incomparable. It is an obvious guess why grannies need young men. Sex and romance, that’s all. If you are that guy who wants to be told everything, excuse grannies. Cougars need a real man, one who knows the maxims of manhood. Even though she is older than you, hold her like a baby, treat her like a virgin and you’ll get her graces. Always remember to tell her how sexy she looks even if she really doesn’t. Remind her why you’d rather not marry but have her. The rule here is to fake yourself to achieve what you need.

It is idiots who boast of their achievements when seducing cougars. Make sure you don’t get confused here. While its a common trend to be proud of your achievements, job promotion, a fancy car, you are about to buy or expensive apartment when dating a young woman, this strategy can be counter productive if used for cougars. Please keep them to yourself, the old granny needs love.

Women are always too petty. If you tell her that you love her but you’ve not complimented her fashion style, new weave, her perfume or sexy look, be sure to be wasting your time. Grannies love nothing than when they are told how they outsmart young girls in fashion, sexy and romance. Don’t forget to write her that love text or buy her that chocolate that you would a young lady. If you surely follow the guide, even if you are the most known dating idiot, be sure to bag yourself a sweet sugar mummy.