What You Need To Know About Granny Dating And Why

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Dating an older woman is totally different from dating younger girls because you have to show her that you are available and interesting to be with her. Therefore if you have decided to date that older woman you should ask yourself what you need to know about granny dating and why. You should first accept yourself because there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to date an older woman. Here are some things you need to know.

1. Women Get Better With Age – In women age comes with experience and confidence and when it comes to sex its likely that an older woman has more years of sexual experience than you do. This means that you should give her the opportunity to lead and show you what she knows. In this case you need to be more patient and enjoy her experience but in case she has physical problems take it as an opportunity to be creative.

2. She Wants Appreciation – You should know that as much as you want to lay her she also wants to be laid as well. Also keep in mind that older women may not have the ability to self lubricate which can challenge the sex experience. In this case you should know that a high quality lubricant can help even if the woman is really turned on. Therefore if she asks to use a lube take it as sign she wants to have a good sex. This will help improve pleasure for both of you by creating a smoother and natural feeling.

3. You Should Be Sensitive To Her Body – When having sex with an older woman you should always be sensitive that she may have insecurities about her body. She might feel that her body looks ugly and this is normal. You should appreciate her body and remind her that you are attracted to her the way she is. This will make her comfortable and confident.

4. You Should Respect Her – Always be polite and respect her feelings and boundaries because it takes a lot of courage to put herself out there to date younger men.

5. You Should Be Open – Older women hate liars and you should specify to them whether you want a hook up or a relationship. Many women are too busy with careers and don’t consider relationships with younger men therefore you should do more to show her that you are available and interesting to be with. You should also let her take control of any interaction and seduction if she wants to because its all part of dating older women.

6. Don’t Brag-an older woman will not date you because you got promoted or you are thinking of buying a new car. Obviously she has money and if you start trying to show up she will know, instead show her you are mature by engaging her intelligently. This will make her feel up to the mark and that she is needed.

Ideas on what you need to know about granny dating and why you should learn them starts with confidence. Older women are attracted to confident guys. This means you should not be afraid because this woman knows exactly what she wants and would do anything to get it. Being confident also means taking the first move, when you spot her give her a smile and if she responds positively walk over to her and give a compliment. A mature woman will love a compliment coming from a younger man and this can lead to one thing to the other.