Avoid The Top 3 Granny Shagging Mistakes

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It’s nice to think we can make granny shagging plans, get together and have sex and that there would be no complications. Unfortunately, that’s just a thought. The fact is almost any hook up can got horribly wrong because of any of the following:

Improper Expectations

Many times you think because the encounter is casual that little or not effort has to be put in. Or the effort you expect to put in is purely physical. Yes, you’re going to be expected to use up a lot of that energy while you’re granny shagging. But the fact is, any sexual relationship requires a little bit of emotional effort as well. Your granny is not a toy, despite that she may ask to be used as one. She’s a human being. All human beings deserved respect, especially from their partners. Whether you’re looking for a one night stand, a casual hook up here and there or an actual relationship. You have to show her that you appreciate everything she is. Physically and emotionally. Expecting that your presence is enough to get her going is another misconception, but we’ll talk about that under the wrong attitude.

Lack of Communication

Often times “casual sex” or ìno strings attachedî is met with a misunderstanding. It’s important to communicate, before you start granny shagging, exactly what you’re looking for. Express what you want and what you’re hoping to avoid. This gives your partner the opportunity to do the same. This way, you’re both establishing a type of boundary. This is an important conversation to have before you start getting physical. Otherwise the lines might be drawn a little, crooked. You want to get all the details out right away. This way, everyone knows the score of the game. It doesn’t matter because your granny isn’t looking for a relationship. She just wants a good time, just like you do. Keep it fun and careless by keeping your communication open.

The Wrong Attitude

Finally, your attitude can send the wrong message and stand in the way of your granny shagging enjoyment. Whether that’s being disrespectful, expecting the wrong thing, or your lack of communication. Your attitude towards your hot granny can also be reflected in your appearance and poster. If you respect her and find her sexy, you’ll be dressed up and looking damn good. If you think of her as a conquest, you’ll be dressed casual and won’t put in a lot of effort. Even older women want to feel they are worth the effort. So put in the effort and you’ll get the reward.

The good news is: You can prevent all of this from happening! Now that you know what the most common mistakes are, you have a vantage point. You can try harder in your future granny shagging hook ups to make sure they go smooth. The whole point is that everyone gets to have a good time, after all. You want to leave your hot granny wanting more. You also want to feel accomplished. Neither of these things are going to happen in you’re going at it the wrong way.