Learn the Fastest Way to Granny Slappers Success

Dirty Grannies

You’ve seen the videos, now you want to try it out for yourself. You don’t care what anyone else thinks, you want to dive into that GILF and give her a whole new experience. Alright. Slow down there, tiger. As great as it would be to just dive into any experience, there is some preparation. Yes, your hot and horny granny is likely to want to explore everything with you. She’s ready for you and just waiting. But there are some things to consider before you know if you’re ready for her.

Did you know that most grannies are interested in hot and heavy sex? Of course you did. But did you know that sex is intended to last long periods of time or be frequent? Well you hoped, but can you keep up? A granny is looking for a young man with all kinds of energy. If you want to shag a granny slapper, you’d better have energy. She wants someone who can keep up with every move she makes. Someone who can be ready to go in seconds and keep going for hours. Flexibility is a good thing too. That’s more in what you’re willing to do, less in what you’re capable of doing. Yes, you should be physically flexible, but there’s a good chance that your granny isn’t. So she’s not going to be too concerned about bending strange ways.

She wants to see enthusiasm, but if you’re over eager it will be a turn off to her. You have to be careful to walk that line if you want to please a granny slapper. You want to show her that you find her absolutely stunning. You want her to know that you want to ravish her entire body. But you don’t want to rush yourself, or make her feel rushed. You better know how to take your time and get it just right. If you’re inexperienced, she’ll make an exception if you’re a little over eager. But try and control that. Channel it into natural excitement. If you’re over eager, you’re likely to get too excited (if you catch my drift). You want to be able to last as long as she can.

If your granny slapper isn’t left completely satisfied, you blew it. You want to give her the best sex of her life. You want to make sure you give her a complete orgasm. In fact, aim to give her multiple orgasms. Either way, make sure she finishes first. Hold back from your moment of release to make sure that you’re giving granny the best experience. If you blow it with one granny, you’re likely to blow it with others. If you leave a terrific impression on your first one, you’re going to find yourself surrounded by other horny grannies looking to get with you.

Before we close off, there’s just another piece of advice you need before going out to conquer the world of granny slappers. While your granny is just looking for some hot sex, be respectful of her. Don’t assume the first date is all about the sex. Wine and dine her. Show her that while you both know it’s about the sex, you’re willing to treat her like a lady outside the bedroom.