Proven GILF Dating Techniques That Work


As much as you’d like to think it’s as easy as hooking up, it isn’t. Most older women still want to be taken out for the initial date before they finish the night without clothes. Depending how the date goes, you may not end up in bed with a hot GILF. Luckily for you, we’re here to share the different wants you can guarantee a hook up.

It’s all about your date selection and personal presentation. You have to show up to meet your granny as the best version of yourself possible. You should have bathed and shaved. You should smell nice and be well dressed. You should be well spoken and polite. Throughout the date, you should listen to what your GILF is saying. You have to respond accordingly. If there are breaks in the conversation, it’s a good time to throw in compliments about her appearance or her outfit. But you don’t want breaks in the conversation. A good first date should always involve fluid conversation.

Now, let’s talk about the different options you have for the location of your date.

There are going to be a few grannies who don’t want the traditional dating experience. They will ask you immediately to go to your house or take you to theirs. This is probably your ideal situation, but it isn’t all that common. In the instance you find a granny who wants to cut to the chase, make sure your house is clean. You want your place to be presentable and make her feel comfortable. Keep your sex supplies hidden, but within reach. If you leave them out, it looks trashy. Your granny date may believe you don’t think very highly of her. Even if you’re just looking to get her in bed and show knows it. A women should still be treated with respect.

There are plenty of granny dates who are going to want to be taken out. One of the most common dates is the wine and dine. You’ll take your granny date to a nice dinner and enjoy casual conversation over a light meal. Possibly even a few drinks. Now, the thing about dinner dates is that if you’re planning to have immediate sex after eating, you’ll run into complications. Your food won’t be digested and you may both experience upset stomachs. Nothing kills the mood faster than that. So a light meal, like salads, is a wise choice. The right fruits and vegetables can even energize you both, making the night more promising. If you’re to eat, make sure you don’t cut costs. Take her somewhere nice. It doesn’t have to be a five star restaurant, but at least three is a good idea.

A better idea is to scrap the meal and just grab a couple drinks. You don’t want to assume she wants to come back to your place, so don’t initially suggest that. Go to a small and quiet place. Not a pub or nightclub. Somewhere like a wine bar, where you can both actually hear each other talk. This gives you the chance to discuss the rest of the night. Then you can suggest wine at your place. Don’t drink too much though, it effects your stamina.

Show your granny date respect – she’ll be putty in your hands.